What we believe

We believe in empowering people. We help clients get better access to legal knowledge, and we help lawyers be more autonomous and financially independent.

We believe that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, needs and deserves access to justice.

We believe in doing business differently. We believe in tackling public issues,and we understand that a business should be a driving force in its community.

We believe in challenging orthodoxies.

We believe in constant innovation.

Why we do What we do

We exist to empower our clients by making legal knowledge more accessible

A few words by Phil Lord, Founder and CEO of Mylawyer.ca

Regardless of the way one looks at the issue of access to justice, it simply makes no sense that most people can’t afford a lawyer, while most lawyers can’t find clients. In fact, in Canada, more than 65% of the population is uncomfortable with the justice system: they believe that nothing can be done, are not certain of their rights, do not know where to start or fear the delays and costs of judicial proceedings.

Moreover, among those who choose not to use the justice system, between 42 and 90% identify costs as the main obstacle to justice. The legal industry is run not only in a way that is extremely inefficient, but also in one that too often puts profits before clients. As most Quebecers’ incomes range between $20 000 and $100 000 a year, many have little to no access to justice.

Our idea is to revolutionize the industry by offering an affordable service to people who are in need of a lawyer but cannot afford one, do not have the means to physically meet with one, or simply do not know where to look.

Our company was founded to help solve these seemingly simple yet deeply pervasive problems. Mylawyer.ca is a platform that connects clients directly with lawyers. We put our clients and their interests first. And we always will. We use technology in order to empower lawyers to offer their services online, thus eliminating the need for office space and improve time flexibility. When a client pays $400 per hour to meet with a lawyer at a top law firm, most of the money goes toward paying for (fancy) office spaces and increasing senior lawyers’ compensation (that is, people who in no way directly help ensure you receive a better service).

At Mylawyer.ca, lawyers are paid $30 per hour while our company takes care of all the administrative tasks for the same price. Therefore, our clients have the opportunity to consult a lawyer for the price of $60 per hour, costing them significantly less than a consult at a competing law firm. The cost is thus considerably reduced for the client, while the autonomy of the lawyer is significantly increased.

Our model is simple: lawyers focus on what they do best: helping you. We take care of everything else: from scheduling to marketing; from billing to ensuring you receive a service of uncompromising quality. Because our lawyers explain the law clearly and simply, getting help and meeting with a lawyer becomes pleasant and simple.

Yet our mission is far broader. We seek not only to help clients get better access to legal services, but also to make legal knowledge more accessible. We constantly seek innovative ways to serve the varying needs of our clients. For instance, some clients need help preparing for a trial in which they cannot afford a lawyer. A lawyer can help them better represent themselves or fill paperwork on their own.

At Mylawyer.ca, we believe that a simple, evolving business model will address the issue of access to justice more effectively than any governmental program. To meet our goal, we do not hesitate to challenge orthodoxies and we believe constant innovation is the factor that will allow our company to develop and thrive.

To support us is to do far more than consult a lawyer. It is to further our common tackling of the daunting challenge we have chosen to tackle: make legal knowledge more accessible, for everyone.

A few months ago, I came across this response, which was given by an Albertan to a questionnaire on access to justice:

“We’re not even talking access to justice ... we’re talking access to food, to shelter, to security, to opportunities for ourselves and our kids and until we deal with that, the other stuff doesn’t make sense.”

This is why we care so much about access to justice: because it acts as a gateway to so much more. I get up every morning, passionate and optimistic. In my office, prominently pinned to the wall, is the picture of the very first client who thanked me. She cried and told me that, were it not for Mylawyer.ca, she could not have afforded to meet with a lawyer and would likely have lost her home. I go to work every day knowing that what we are doing truly matters. More importantly, I feel privileged to lead an outstanding group of people who are, to say the least, just as passionate and committed as I am.

You are the reason we exist. Yet our common mission is much bigger than any of us.

Phil Lord