Know your rights.A lawyer can explain how a company is or is not allowed to treat you.

The Consumer Protection Act is the main reference in terms of merchants’ rights and responsibilities towards consumers. Its aim is to protect the population of Quebec in various consumer sectors and it constitutes a fundamental guarantee applicable to all goods and services that are offered to consumers. This law is applicable in all contractual relations between merchants and consumers. Contracts for the loan of money and contracts involving credit are also legally subjected to this law.

Our lawyer partners will take charge of analyzing whether you are indeed a consumer in the sense intended by this law and whether remedies can be considered. Be it for defending against a claim, for a consumer law class action or for a recovery file,the lawyers we choose to parter with have the required experience and skill to act. By contacting us, you will be able to quickly obtain information and valuable advice concerning the course of action and the elements to consider in your motion. It is important to know your rights and obligations as a consumer depending on the type of contract concluded or the sales technique that was applied, be it door-to-door or telephone sales, consumer credit, over-indebtedness, abusive clauses or retraction. We ensure that the lawyers we collaborate with will also represent you in court if necessary, concerning any and all contractual or criminal responsibility.

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You can also meet one of our partner lawyers in person at our office in downtown Montreal for $100 an hour.


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You can also meet one of our partner lawyers in person at our office in downtown Montreal for $100 an hour.

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