A lawyer can assist you with writing and understanding contracts.

Drafting and interpreting a contract can be hazardous. In contractual interpretation, the goal of the exercise is to determine the scope of the implied obligations.It is based first and foremost on the intention of the parties involved, but also on general principles of law, conventions, expectations or behaviour of parties, as well as common sense. It is recommended that a professional reads your documents thoroughly to prevent you from committing mistakes due to a lack of knowledge of the rights and obligations that the contract might involve. This is an efficient way to ensure your protection in case of litigation.

When a contract is breached it is essential to consult a lawyer. If one of the individuals with whom the contract was signed refuses to honour its contractual obligations, it could cause you serious damages. Knowing one’s rights and reacting swiftly is important in this type of situation. Our partners will handle the explanation of the nature and characteristics of your contract, your employer or employee’s obligations, termination of said contract, as well as obligations imposed by civil law, including termination for serious reasons, abuse of right and compensation for damages.

Legal advice in civil law requires extensive knowledge not only of applicable legislation, but also of the concerned line of business and of market practice in the given industry. The lawyers we partner with are accustomed to providing assistance with commercial law. They will be able to offer useful advice at a flat hourly rate.

How it works

You make a reservation using our online form.

You meet with a lawyer by video or phone call.

You receive two bills: one from us and one from the lawyer. The total is always $60/hour for those meetings.
You can also meet one of our partner lawyers in person at our office in downtown Montreal for $100 an hour.


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You can also meet one of our partner lawyers in person at our office in downtown Montreal for $100 an hour.

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