Succession Law

In the event of the death of a relative, a lawyer can help you manage the necessary formalities and settle the estate.

The death of a close family member or parent brings about several administrative and legal hurdles. A lawyer can help you undertake these complex tasks, which can be particularly difficult to deal with in times of mourning.

We can distinguish between two types of successions: the “testamentary succession" where the deceased leaves a will, and a “legal succession” in the opposite case. When the deceased has not expressed his last wishes in a will, the succession is liquidated according to the rules provided for in the Civil Code of Québec.

Whichever the type of estate, it is essential to understand your rights and to know whether or not you are likely to inherit.

A lawyer can help you through these procedures by answering your questions and concerns. This may include explaining the legal terminology, the steps you must take, how a family estate is shared and the process to accept or refuse an estate.

We understand that the issue of succession can be sensitive, for example, if one of the parties wishes to dispute the sharing of an inheritance. We therefore wish to do our utmost to help you through these procedures.

Whether you are an heir, a liquidator, a trustee or would like to challenge the management of an estate or a will, our partner lawyers who specialize in inheritance law can advise you adequately in order to defend your rights.

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You can also meet one of our partner lawyers in person at our office in downtown Montreal for $100 an hour.

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